Our Advisory processes revolves around 9+ thematic areas to diagnose current and future business scenario as a 360-degree assessment. This process embraces the Product Process Peopleä philosophy.

The process begins with devoting two full-time consultants from our Advisory Division to assess the current state of business and recommending areas of growth as well areas of consolidating market stronghold.

The second stage involves discussion with the Top Management / Board regarding the state of business and possible paths of action to pursue as a best possible option for the business.

These action plans are implemented with full on-site and off-site support whilst monitoring the progress of the business as per agreed deliverables with a money-back guarantee to value your trust!

Our home-grown scorecard has been utilized across 10+ sectors with over 50+ businesses in East Africa.

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Board Level Advisory

  • Board Governance
  • Succession Planning
  • Family Constitution & Frameworks (dispute resolution and charters)
  • Result-based Strategic Planning

Management Level Advisory

  • Process Restructuring
  • Accountability Frameworks
  • World-Class Performance Management
  • Incentive & Compensation Practices
  • Market Research and Expansion
  • New Vertical Set-Up
  • HR Outsourcing

Highlighted Assignments

  • Contracted by a USD $15m ICT company to focus on role identification for each of the Directors and subsequent board governance coupled with effective decision making, policy formulation and succession planning to lead the organization into the next phase of management restructuring.
  • Assisted a USD $5m Furniture company for succession planning, developing board governance, reporting structures and an effective mandate leading to re-branding of the organization.
  • Consulted for an international real estate project to refine processes, systems, governance and team dynamics to steer shared vision, accountability and performance across the organization.
  • Consulted for an international healthcare provider to conduct a Brand Perception Analysis & Customer Satisfaction Survey for existing and potential services by assessing gaps in the market, match potential opportunities with available resources and establish a brand presence by effective positioning.
  • Hired to conduct a feasibility study for a commercial and residential real estate venture with the industry’s leading construction company for a project worth USD $6m.