We provide the following ICT services and value:

  • Microsoft Partner - we bring over 20 years of experience and a vast network of experience and specialized skillsets for all Microsoft services and solutions.
  • A-Z Infrastructure setups - one of our core expertise lies in setting up corporations from the ground up all the way from sourcing, setting up, testing, commissioning infrastructure to training and recruitment of appropriate manpower to run these infrastructures.
  • Systems Auditing - we perform ICT infrastructure audits and advise on ways to create a more resolute and bulletproof ICT setup.
  • Security Auditing and Advisory - Genesis has provided advisories and solutions to fortune 500 companies to ensure that their data and infrastructure meets world class standards for data storage, security, retention and protection.
  • Data Center setup and Training - as one of the only certified ICOR partner's in the region Genesis is at the forefront of setting up world class Data Centers for various MNCs.