So its that time of the year where we have to pan out our objectives, goals/targets for the year ahead! Isn’t it the time when you struggle to organize your ambitions for the year ahead and are torn between the paradoxes of how big or small your dreams should be?

It is good to have idealistic dreams as they lead us to a conclusive thought and a course of action. To set a pathway to attainment, it is essential to categorically define your targets. These could be professional, family oriented, financial, educational or spiritual. Any of these domains would attract you for your overall well being. So how do you balance-out while engrossed with the daily routines of life?

For achieving any of your targets, you need to treat it like any other goal you previously worked to attain. Iron out your thoughts, plan a course of action, maintain it throughout, and keep track of progress to correct it when needed. Don’t forget to assign a time frame – whether short or medium term, as they help to push you towards them. Write down your goals, with their progress and periodically refer to see how well you have charted the course towards attainment. Remember to be precise in your goal definition, while prioritizing and being realistic.

Nabeel Hassanali is a Strategy Coach and the Managing Partner for Genesis Consult based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He can be reached at nabeel.hassanali [at]

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