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Generation Y – Re-shaping our workforce

We constantly hear, read or discuss about changing attitudes at workplace – and more specifically, the evolution of the current workforce. Who are these individuals, and why have they gained so much of importance of late?


Presentation Skills

I was recently chosen to mentor at an event that inspired creative(s) - comprising of software  / app developers, creative professionals and business professionals – to solve pressing socio-economic challenges through generating tech-oriented solutions in Nairobi, Kenya. The excitement, exchange of ideas and leveraging of knowledge were cues that highly impressed me, not forgetting the tenacity amongst individuals that I witnessed.



Whether during our routine or informal conversations, it is a common feature to evaluate Leaders of State or Organizations based on their set of actions that have positively or negatively impacted their Leadership. We constructively and belligerently converse about the Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership. But what defines Leadership - and more importantly enables one to “measure” effectiveness?