Presentation Skills For Entrepreneurs

I was recently chosen to mentor at an event that inspired creative(s) - comprising of software  / app developers, creative professionals and business professionals – to solve pressing socio-economic challenges through generating tech-oriented solutions in Nairobi, Kenya. The excitement, exchange of ideas and leveraging of knowledge were cues that highly impressed me, not forgetting the tenacity amongst individuals that I witnessed.

Social Media - A Must Have for Small Businesses

Social media platforms allow us to connect quickly with people and brands. We are forming relationships faster than ever before, with people and brands alike. Additionally, many studies are emerging to show that social media interactions have a direct impact on consumer-buying choices, which is transforming the retail market, advertising and global business overall.

As a small business owner, breaking into social media can be a scary and daunting task. Resources are often limited, but in this day and age…

Can your small business really afford not to be using social media?

What defines Leadership?

Whether during our routine or informal conversations, it is a common feature to evaluate Leaders of State or Organizations based on their set of actions that have positively or negatively impacted their Leadership. We constructively and belligerently converse about the Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership. But what defines Leadership - and more importantly enables one to “measure” effectiveness?

Mobile Telecoms in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has long been deprived of the cornucopia of media enjoyed in richer places. It was not until China began to export $50 black-and-white televisions to Africa about a decade ago that broadcasting took off outside the main cities. That new, much bigger market has led to big changes.

Interest in Real Estate seen growing in Tanzania

Experts say ongoing dynamism of urban-oriented development in Tanzania is likely to reinvigorate and sustain investors’ interests in real estate works in a foreseeable future, but the right policies and institutions are needed to enable the sub-sector realize its huge potential.

Currently, investments in office buildings form the bulk of real estate works in the country, and industry players say large opportunities also exist in the areas of retail, industrial and residential houses construction.