Emerging Economies, but African Lions?

The Boston Consulting Group has coined the term "African Lions", to refer to Africa's strongest economies: Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa, and Tunisia. What is most stunning about the African Lions is that their average per capita GDP of $10,000 actually exceeds the combined per capita GDP of the so-called BRIC nations—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—of $8,000.

Will Asia take charge of the 21st century?

Asia has always been home to the emergence and dominance economic prosperity, especially of the so-called "Tiger Economies". Yet, as much potential as it possessed, was washed by the Asian Financial Crises, - from Malaysia to Singapore, to Thailand and Hong Kong. Despite the gloom predicted, Asia bounced back with its ever-so capitalistic ideology to kick-start yet another era of growth and security. 

The Reality amidst the fanfare at the 2010 FIFA World Cup

So is the FIFA WC '10 to benefit Africa in general or even the hosts for that matter?

I came across this piece in The Independent newspaper, where radical Sowetan columnist Andile Mngxitama said all Fifa is giving Africa is a month-long feel-good episode which will do little, long-term, to change perceptions or economic realities.

Makes for an interesting reflection into the rich governing body that boasts of "giving back to the game".

Degree of imbalance?

It is a sad if not an appalling circumstance, to experience various job postings assigned to foreign individuals who in my view have caused a steep rise in the level of unemployment in the country, as of present. I believe that the situation is accelerated by lack of government regulation and intervention in such matters which has resulted in various foreign and local entities to source human capital from abroad.

Africa "can" end Poverty!

I came across this interesting read and gained prudence into the potential of the African continent. Despite major bottlenecks faced by individuals, businesses, societies and the nation at large, I firmly believe that every opportunity sits on a problem, hence not only "foreign institutions" are required to invest their skills and knowledge, but a great degree of impetus lies with the nationals themselves to exploit the same.


I have always wanted to blog, but always reluctant to experience the process of setting up one. I initially thought to share my views via my personal website, but I had to be one of those indecisive individuals affected by a paradox of thought! So, here I am, and I hope to reflect my ideas, viewpoints and more importantly portray the true African circumstance.

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